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A new paradigm is emerging in the world of construction management. Outsourcing services to consultants can increase the company's bottom line.

Our Mission

To provide construction management services to assist General Contractors, Architects, and Owners in completing their construction projects On-Time and Under-Budget.

Company Profile

                    Outstanding hands-on construction management professionals who successfully maintain the highest degree of quality and control over all facets of construction management services.

                    In excess of 30 years experience in the construction industry and Construction Management.

                   Members of Construction Management Teams on projects over $1,000,000,000.

                    Extensive experience in planning, scheduling and progress documentation of multi-million-dollar commercial construction projects, including Offices, Industrial & Retail Centers, Hospitality, Schools, Institutions, Roadways, Infrastructure, and Medical Facilities.

                    Consistently meets the time schedule and budget demands of projects by utilizing highly effective construction knowledge, management, and troubleshooting skills.

                   Primavera Instructors for Expedition, Suretrak, and P3 in partnership with DR McNatty & Associates

10 Good Reasons to Choose a Consultant

          A Consultant is Responsible for Their Own Taxes

          A Consultant Makes Their Own Social  Security and Payroll Deductions

          No Employee Taxes

          No Health Benefits

          No Vacation Time or Pay

          No 401K

          Less Accounting Needs

          No Hiring or Firing Dilemmas

          You Donít Need to Worry About Keeping an Employee Busy If Work Gets Slow

          You Can Hold Off Hiring a New Manager Until You Really Need One

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