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Introducing NANNIE:

Meet NANNIE, your Notable Analysis Navigator Extraordinaire, a transformative service offering a robust three-step methodology for unparalleled assessment and enhancement of your project documentation.

NANNIE stands as a stand-alone powerhouse, bringing you expert analysis and invaluable insights that guarantee your project documentation is meticulously fine-tuned for triumph while being fortified against any potential claims. With NANNIE at your side, whether you're embracing it as part of our all-encompassing PMISystems Training package or opting for its exceptional standalone prowess, rest assured that your project documentation is poised for optimal performance and safeguarded against uncertainties.

While our primary offering, NANNIE, takes the lead in revolutionizing your project documentation, our PMISystems Training serves as a complementary avenue for mastering the intricate art of project management. Together, NANNIE and PMISystems Training form an unbeatable duo, ready to empower your team and steer your project journey toward unprecedented success.

N - Navigating: Utilizing advanced AI technology, NANNIE navigates through your daily reports, effortlessly extracting vital information for analysis.

A - Assessing: Our expert team, including an elementary school teacher and project controls professional, assesses the documentation for comprehension, composition, and future impact analysis.

N - Noteworthy Improvements: With valuable insights from NANNIE's evaluation, we recommend noteworthy improvements to enhance the documentation's clarity and understanding.

N - Numbering: NANNIE guides you in organizing and structuring documents, by using Smart IDs ensuring easy access to crucial information.

I - Impactful Analysis: Through diligent evaluation, NANNIE helps you identify and document project impacts for informed decision-making.

E - Efficient Documentation: Partnering with NANNIE streamlines your documentation processes, promoting efficiency and transparency.

NANNIE, a versatile service, is an integral part of our comprehensive PMISystems Training package, providing a robust analysis of your project documentation.

However, recognizing the diversity of project budgets, NANNIE is also available as a standalone service, ensuring that even lower budget projects can benefit from our expert analysis of documentation.

Whether you opt for the full training program or choose NANNIE as a standalone service, rest assured that your project documentation will be optimized for success and safeguarded against potential claims. Let NANNIE be your reliable partner in enhancing your project documentation and achieving project excellence, regardless of your budget constraints.

NANNIE's 3-Step Analysis of Documentation:


1) Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology:

NANNIE harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology to expertly navigate through a spectrum of project documentation, encompassing daily reports, RFIs (Request for Information), meeting minutes, impact notices, and beyond. Through its AI module, NANNIE adeptly extracts vital information, offering an all-encompassing snapshot of the project's ongoing status and dynamic activities. This process culminates in the creation of a comprehensive report that meticulously evaluates factors such as reading comprehension, composition, and the alignment of each document with the essential 6 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How).

This critical evaluation guarantees that every document harmoniously integrates with the PMIS platform. Proper coding and meticulous setup are ensured, rendering these documents effortlessly accessible and primed for future analyses. NANNIE's primary focus is to optimize project documentation, ensuring they are not only aligned with best practices but also prepared to serve as reliable records for potential claims and future analysis.











2) Skilled Educator Evaluation:

After the AI analysis, NANNIE's evaluation process takes a unique and invaluable approach. It involves an grade school educator, whose expertise in communication and comprehension ensures that the project documentation is not only technically accurate but also presented in a clear and understandable manner. Drawing from years of experience in teaching, the teacher assesses the composition, completeness, grammar, and spelling of the documentation, grading at a 6th-grade level. Each superintendent's report is evaluated as if they were a student in the classroom, providing objective feedback and identifying areas for improvement.

The teacher's role in this evaluation process goes beyond a mere grammatical check; they examine how well each document conveys its intended message and how effectively it answers critical questions. By ensuring that the documentation meets the standard of clarity expected from a 6th-grade level, the teacher guarantees that professionals, legal experts, and even individuals who may be part of a jury in the future can easily comprehend the information presented.

Through this meticulous evaluation, NANNIE and the elementary school teacher collaborate to create project documentation that not only meets the requirements of a project management system but also resonates with diverse audiences, enhancing its value as a reliable and persuasive resource for future analysis and decision-making. The teacher's insights become a vital aspect of the training process, fostering a culture of precise and accessible project documentation within your organization.











3) Delay Analysis Professional Review:

NANNIE's meticulous documentation analysis is further bolstered by the expertise of a seasoned delay analysis professional. This specialist plays a pivotal role in evaluating your project's timeline, meticulously identifying potential impacts, and providing valuable insights to help accurately document delays and disruptions.

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in analyzing complex project schedules, the delay analysis professional assesses various factors that may affect project progress. Their acute understanding of schedule intricacies ensures that every impact, whether minor or substantial, is carefully noted and recorded in the documentation.

Additionally, the delay analysis professional meticulously compares the project schedule with the documentation to ensure that key words and codes are consistently added. This strategic approach ensures that critical information can be swiftly located when a Time Impact Analysis (TIA) is needed. By linking essential details from the documentation to the schedule, your project management team gains a comprehensive view of how events unfold, facilitating efficient impact analysis and decision-making.

By incorporating the delay analysis expertise into the evaluation process, NANNIE ensures that your project documentation transcends being a mere compilation of reports. Instead, it becomes a powerful tool that serves as a reliable resource for future impact analysis and dispute resolution. This meticulous approach ensures that relevant information is presented in a way that can be swiftly retrieved and referenced during times of impact analysis or potential disputes.

The delay analysis professional's insights not only contribute to the accuracy and completeness of the documentation but also provide your project management team with an enhanced awareness of potential risks and challenges. As a result, your team can be better prepared to mitigate risks and address delays proactively, safeguarding project success and minimizing the likelihood of disputes.



Through this comprehensive analysis process, NANNIE assists in cultivating a culture of excellence in documenting project impacts and delays. With clear and comprehensive documentation, your organization gains a distinct advantage, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and efficiently navigate challenges throughout the project lifecycle. Embracing NANNIE's approach empowers your team to optimize project outcomes and elevate your organization's reputation for efficient and effective project management.

Discover the power of NANNIE's 3-Step Analysis of Documentation, a cutting-edge system designed to empower project teams in recording, understanding, and protecting their projects comprehensively. With the seamless integration of AI technology, teacher evaluation, and delay analysis expertise, NANNIE provides an unmatched approach to optimizing project documentation and ensuring project success. Embrace NANNIE's meticulous and reliable process to elevate your project management practices and safeguard your projects against potential risks and disputes.

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