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Provide solutions to your construction disputes

While most people will never go to court, it’s our responsibility prepare for the worst. This includes regular review of the project indicators to ensure the project’s good health, schedule updates and impact analysis, productivity, cost curves and other resources to ensure real and potential impact to the project are properly documented and representative of actual conditions in the field. 

Time Impact Analysis are sometimes required at the early stages of an impact to provide forecasts while the impact is “Live” and many of the durations of the impact not being complete until all of the impacted activities have completed when the TIA is completed.

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Time Impact Analysis (TIA)

Time Impact Analysis (TIA) is a process used to evaluate how much time was lost to a project, or portion of a project due to actions other than themselves; or to assess proper damages against a contracted party for that loss of time. There are requirements and protocols that an analyst should follow during all stages of Time Impact Analysis to be effective for any further analysis required by a Claims Team. 

An impartial representative providing a quality analysis that shows impact by available documents, regardless of fault, will help most parties understand to the impact without a need beyond a Change Order or other contract agreement.

Forensic Delay Analysis & Expert Witness

If both parties are unable to agree with the impact presented in the TIA, further review with full documentation will be required. The proper documentation of events within the project schedule update process during the project lifespan can assist a Forensic Delay Expert to take less time to understand the project and the problem. 

Our network of Forensic Delay Experts are available to step in when a full review of a dispute or claim that can be backed up as Expert Witness, should that be required. 

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