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The Project Schedule will provide a level of detail that is needed at the different periods of the project.

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Umbrella scheduling is a strategic project management approach that involves coordinating multiple interrelated schedules within a complex program, ensuring alignment, resource optimization, and risk mitigation. By centralizing project information and schedules, umbrella scheduling enhances communication and facilitates informed decision-making across all project phases.

A Detailed Schedule

A Detailed Schedule, also referred to as Level 4, or Level 5 Schedules, provides full detail of scope with the coordinated time periods at each physical location. While the level of detail may vary, the Detailed Schedule should be used and updated throughout the life of the project and can be reported to the Project Team (in the field) to be used as a tool to complete the project, forecast Risks or track Delays.

A Procurement Schedule

A Procurement Schedule provides a full detailed list of submittals & reviews that are required before a piece material or equipment may be ordered. Once the submittals are approved the lead time and timing of delivery must be connected to the Detailed Schedule to allow for the proper lead time and delivery just as it is needed on the project, instead of too early or late. A proper Procurement Schedule should include all material and equipment that the Contractor could expect payment for once delivered or is not readily available in the project area. Proper tracking of all submittals should be tracked separate from the Procurement Schedule.

Schedule Analysis

Schedule Analysis may be needed for review of another party’s schedule or if there has been an impact to the project schedule that may keep the project from finishing on time. 

4D Scheduling

4D Scheduling takes the 3-Dimentional model provided by the Design Team and combines the 4th dimension of Time from the Project Schedule to allow visualization of a project or program as it should be at future time periods. 4D provides a great planning tool that can show a change in condition or scope before it happens and how it may affect other work in the area to ensure the Installation Team is prepared to install safely and quickly.

Resources & Project Costs

Resources & Project Costs incorporated into the Detailed Schedule provides information on equipment, material & personnel requirements during a project. This will allow the Project Team to estimate number of crews in an area, required equipment, as well as costs associated with each activity. These baseline data are tracked against period updates to be used with monthly costs & pay requests, as well as productivity and other project indicators.

Time Impact Analysis

Time Impact Analysis may be needed by either side of a dispute and as an impartial examiner of the facts provided by the Project’s documentation. We have highly qualified experts in Delay Management to guide you through the steps of documenting your request and help you with negotiating any schedule disagreements.



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