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PMIS Implementation

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Prevent costly delays and disruptions

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) have been used within Project Management world for over a generation now, and many different software providers and networks are available in the commercial market. However, not all these software providers are available to work on-hand with your project team from conception until completion.

One must remember that all of the money spent on PMISystems cannot make everyone use them to properly document all aspects of the project.

The adage Garbage In Garbage Out is used often as something to avoid, but many times it happens with all of the best intentions.  

Since the early 1990s, our specialists have been working with project controls and management teams with multiple PMISystems, from small projects to capital improvement programs. We understand the project and staff needs, as well as most of the PMISystems available and how they may be best implemented within the whole Project Staff. We work with your teams from project conception, during implementation and periodically during the project to ensure those who are using the PMISystems in the field, in order to ensure they understand the technology, as well as using Best Practices within the Project Controls requirements of your project or program.

Need extra help keeping up while you get used to your PMIS? Our Documentation Specialists can assist in entering your documents in a timely manner to be useful to the Project Team when it is needed.

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